Saturday, 6 June 2009

Punk Megapost....

...because you deserve it. I've been pretty inactive the last few days due to my external exams, but now that I'm done with them, I can give all 2 or 3 of you that happened to stumble upon our blog my full and undivided attention. First up, a "technical punk" band that I just only recently heard about. Nomeansno and their incredibly awesome album "Wrong". Wrong is widely considered the band's best and most representative record. The playing is incredibly skilled, with the Wright brothers(who founded the band as a 2-piece in their parent's basement) effortlessly shifting tempos and time signatures and Kerr's(vocalist 1984-circa 1990) razor sharp lyrics clicking right into place. Anyway, download, listen, buy, enjoy.


Next up, we have The Broadways. The Broadways were a punk band from Chicago, Illinois. The group formed in 1996 after the break-up of ska-punk band Slapstick, with their vocalist Brendan Kelly and trumpet player Dan Hanaway combining with Rob DePaola and Tricky Dick guitarist Chris McCaughan.

Musically, The Broadways frequently drew comparisons to Crimpshrine and Jawbreaker. The band is notable for the intelligent political, social, and introspective nature of their lyrics, as well as their complex, non-traditional song structures and above-average punk musicianship. The band released Broken Star in 1998 on Asian Man Records before breaking up the same year.


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