Monday, 1 June 2009

Boris-Amplifier Worship

Amplifier Worship by Boris

So I was contemplating what Boris album to put up (since they're one of my favourite bands) and I didn't know whether to put their extreme drone stuff a la Absolutego or their stoner rock-y/sludge stuff a la Heavy Rocks and Pink and then it hit me. Why not put up something that, to me, sounds like it's right in the middle? The album in question is none other than Amplifier Worship, an hour's worth of HEAVY, plodding riffs that are very Melvins and Earth inspired. Learn to love the feedback, guys. This album is intense and there's never a boring moment. Depends on what you think of the genre anyway. Anyhoo, the album was a big file (and I haven't gone Pro on Mediafire yet) so this is going to be a 2 part download. It's worth it!
Mediafire (part 1)
Mediafire (part 2)

Hope you enjoy! More Boris related posts coming in the near future.

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