Saturday, 31 July 2010

Buzzov•en - Sore

Buzzov•en (not nearly as annoying to google as this guy) are a sludge band from North Carolina who sing about all the usual sludge stuff like hate, depression and struggles of life. They're without a doubt one of my favourite bands in the genre along with Eyehategod & Weedeater but they never seemed to attract the same amount of attention those guys seemed to get. Their album Sore comes at you screaming and thrashing, interspersed with feedback and movie samples. You can really feel where they're coming from when you read the liner notes of the album which shed light on their heroin/crack habits, the several periods of homelessness and their slight insanity. All in all, this is some good shit. Cop it and try to get the cd if you can.

p.s. this is the correct spelling so if you're anal about how your music should be sorted, tag them like "Buzzov•en".

p.p.s. these fuckers are BACK! they're going to be playing 5 dates in the USA so if you're there, check them out! tour poster.

Sunday, 25 July 2010


I don't have access to my hdd right now so no cool album/split today. I do, however, have an amazing funk mix that a dude on slsk gave to me. I'll have the download links up by tomorrow. In the meantime, enjoy the fine tunage.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

john frusciante-niandra ladies and usually just a t-shirt

Debut solo album by John Frusciante, of RHCP fame. A two-parter actually, the first being niandra lades, completed a few years before the latter part. Massive difference between the two, as is to be expected from a 2-part record. First is more acoustic-based with whiny vocals and probably sets the foundation for the remainder of the album, much less tuneful and more experimental lo-fi shizz. Still, not to be ignored, and is probably a more exhilarating listen than any RHCP album.

All untitled tracks belong in "Usually Just A T-shirt"

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Lewd Acts (r.i.p.) - Black Eye Blues

I was supposed to see these guys play with Mammoth Grinder in Brooklyn on the 15th but they called it quits some time ago. Very sad, especially since they've quickly become one of my favourite hardcore [punk] bands.

Buy (it's only $5 so don't be cheap)

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Faiz Ali Faiz & Titi Robin - Jaadu [Magic]

I'm taking some time off from the daily goings on of living in New York to post something that means a lot to me, both in terms of music and culture. Faiz Ali Faiz is a Qawwali singer from Pakistan and Thierry "Titi" Robin is a French musician who is known to experiment with gypsy music, flamenco and Arabic music on different occasions. They are collectively known as Jaadu ("Magic" in Urdu). For those of you who aren't familiar with Qawwali, it's a type of Sufi devotional music performed mainly in shrines in North India and Pakistan.

Even though I'm an atheist, Qawwali has always held a special place in my heart, mainly because I've seen so much of it during my childhood and the emotions behind it are so genuinely heart-felt that it would be difficult not to be moved by it. Of course, speaking the language is greatly advantageous but I wouldn't let that stop me if I were you.

I first heard of these guys at the WOMAD festival in Abu Dhabi, UAE and it was a fantastic experience. Fusion at its best. Get this if you're a fan of world music (or music in general).

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