Monday, 20 June 2011

PSUDOKU - Space Grind

PSUDOKU, aka GridLink on acid, is a side project of the sole member of (another great grind band) Parlamentarisk Sodomi. Described on their/his bandcamp page as "non-stop warp space grind space space space non-stop rock fusion", I simply could not resist. Simply put, no longer is GridLink's Orphan the most baffling grindcore release of recent times. A mix of fast & relentless grindcore with cool "spacey" effects and blistering technicality and innovation in a genre that usually doesn't warrant either, Space Grind is a great record. I'm assuming that traditional grindcore fans won't be all to pleased with this new Stephen Hawking Grind but to hell with them.

edit: yes, I'm back. hadn't posted in a while since I was busy and my hard-drive, which had my entire music library, was stolen along with a bunch of other things. Pretty sure the RIAA orchestrated the whole thing.
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