Thursday, 18 June 2009

math rock week:day 4

Day 4 of the math rock week. Going to make this post brief, since I really can't emphasize the brilliance of this record. I'll let take over.
Off Minor- The Heat Death Of The Universe

"3/5ths of the New York screamo band Saetia formed Off Minor after Saetia broke up in 1999. The line-up consists of Steve Roche on drums, Jamie Behar on guitar, and Kevin Roche on bass. Perhaps what makes Off Minor so special is how much noise they are able to get out of 3 instruments, whether it be in the form of chaos or beauty. Combining both in the same way Saetia did, Off Minor represents the true emo scene, a difficult blend of elegance and brutality that when meshed together forms something truly amazing."

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