Saturday, 27 June 2009

2 birds...

So I haven't posted something in a while, mainly because...well, fuck it, I don't even know. Anyway here are 2 different releases by 2 different bands I've only recently bothered to check out.


Rosetta is a band that I should've listened to way earlier, given my worship of bands such as Neurosis and Isis (Neurisis lolol) and Rosetta being bang in the middle of them, in terms of their music. The Galilean Satellites has an epic theme: the satellites of Jupiter (as the astronomers among you may have deduced). The interesting thing about this album is that it was released as a 2-disc record, one disc with the crushingly heavy stuff and the other with the much softer, ambient stuff. This is an obvious homage to Neurosis's Times of Grace (and Tribe of Neurot's Grace), one of my favourite albums ever. The link is both the discs put together, as I believe that is how it's meant to be played and you will enjoy it far more.



Here we have Torche, a relatively new sludge band. Meanderthal is an amazing album, that has all of the "crush" that so many of us are familiar with when it comes to sludge, as well as melody, harmony, clean vocals and rhythms. Don't worry, it's still very, very heavy but also incredibly groovy.


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