Thursday, 5 August 2010


So while chilling out and waiting for the Unsane show (which is no doubt going to kick ass) I realized that I'll finally be seeing BORIS live tomorrow (with Torche & Russian Circles). Boris are without a doubt one of my favourite bands ever and I support this with the fact that I have 97% of their musical output (mostly downloads, alright? stfu) and love almost every minute of it. Their live show is supposed to be amazing and "looking forward to it" is a criminal understatement.

In honour of the show tomorrow, here's a little playlist I compiled that reflects what I think their setlist will be (I'd love to think that they'll play Flood/Feedbacker/Amplifier Worship in their entirety but I doubt that's going to happen):

1. Farewell (full version) [Pink]
2. Rainbow [Rainbow with Michio Kurihara]
3. 8 [Japanese Heavy Rock Hits Vol. 1]
5. Floor Shaker [Statement 7'' (but I've uploaded the live version from the Wolf Creek show)]
6. Statement [Smile/Statement 7'']
7. Woman On The Screen [Pink]
8. A Bao A Qu [This song has several versions. Of the A Bao A Qu 7'', Mabuta No Ura Film Soundtrack, The Thing Which Solomon Overlooked and the Variations versions, the one on the 7'' is the best but it's also the longest so for the sake of brevity (relative to a Boris playlist, after all), I've put up the Variations version]
9. 16:47:52... [Japanese Heavy Rock Hits Vol. 3]
10. Akirame Flower [Golden Dance Classics split with 9dw]
11. Pink [Pink]
12. Korosu [Heavy Rocks]
13. 1970 [Heavy Rocks]
14. Untitled [This song is on Smile but the live version from the Wolf Creek show is definitely much better so I've put up that one]

So that's it. For a complete list of their discography, head over to their page on Metal Archives. If you're in NYC and haven't heard about this show and would like to check it out, it's at the Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn.

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