Friday, 13 August 2010


There once lived an author by the name of Richard Brautigan who wrote a lot of books during the wonderful beat movement. Being a depressive, one day he shot himself in the solitude of his own house, only to be remembered and found 2 months later, where police found a letter saying "Messy, isn't it", next to his disemboweled body.

So, hardcore for the book-reader, this is. Absolutely fantastic lyrics. Here's one such example, title probably inspired by Mitch Hedberg's famous line:

I'm in the red
I've got the blues
I'm token black,
An early greying fool.
I need an orange
I need a lime
I need a last name that don't feel like such a crime.
I feel 16
I feel 60
I feel 9 to 5.
So sick of rent checks
So sick of life vests
So sick of 5 foot 9.
Once was lost but now am drowned.


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