Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Creative Waste - Cruelty Beyond Conception

Creative Waste are a grindcore band from Saudi Arabia (inb4lolwtf). I just got back watching them play at the Lit Lounge in Manhattan and they killed it. I had heard of these guys back in Dubai, where they were even supposed to play a show but they never got 'round to it due to problems with promoters and such. I bought Cruelty Beyond Conception at the show (and yes, I asked permission before deciding to put it up on for free download) and it slays. It's quite an improvement from their previous effort Colonies. Even though some songs are a bit long for grindcore ("Screamer" is 6 minutes long but I think there's a bonus track in there somewhere, not sure), it's still a very enjoyable listen.

The other bands that played were also great. Links below.

Misanthropic Noise (excellent grind from Connecticut)
Psytoxia (goregrind/grindcore from upstate NY)
Pyrrhon (progressive/tech death from New York that's very reminiscent of Death, Gorguts and the like)

EDIT: pics from the show are here.

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