Sunday, 31 May 2009

Time for some sick grindcore

I've only just listened to these albums and both of them have blown me away equally.
First up:
Magrudergrind s/t

Ah, definitely one of my favourite grindcore/powerviolence bands that come from the US. They haven't put out a single album that I didn't like but I'll say this: the new Magrudergrind is definitely 10 times better than the old.

Agorapocalypse by Agoraphobic Nosebleed

HOLY FUCKING SHIT is all I could say after the first track of this album finished. ANb is also up there with my favourite grind bands (the guitarist is also the guitarist of Pig Destroyer) and this album is definitely testament to that (their other albums are fucking sick too). The thing about this album is that the songs actually have structure and Scott Hull (guitarist) really fucking kills it on here, with catchy riffs and even...wait for! Also, there are only 13 tracks on here (as opposed to the 30+ tracks on other ANb records) and most songs are over 2 minutes (as opposed to the short and sweet songs on past ANb records). The vocalist is Kat from Salome (another sick for an update coming soon) and you couldn't believe it was her if I showed from this picture
Anyway, get this album if you're into having your face kicked in by a hailstorm of 10000 bpm drums, all topped off with some chaotic grind goodness. Fucking A!

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