Sunday, 31 May 2009

Some black metal

Well, I've been on a black metal binge for the past week or so and have collected some really evil shit. This is gonna be a big, fuck-off post that should keep you guys busy for some time.

To start things off:

Casus Luciferi by Watain (from Sweden)
This is one awesome fucking album by one of my favourite orthodox black metal bands. It's well crafted and near perfectly executed with some beautiful production to boot. The riffs don't let up, the music is chaotic and dissonant (a bit like Deathspell Omega) but there are some beautifully haunting and atmospheric melodies (not in the gay keyboard driven way). For fans of Dissection and Deathspell Omega.

Next up..Consummatum Est by Orcivus
Orcivus seems to be a fairly new band but their debut puts them far ahead of the curve in this style of black metal. They take a more driving approach to black metal, though, than many in this style. While their debut is a bit rough around the edges because of its production values and the early stage of the band, I think you'll find that there's plenty of dissonance and driving black metal to be found on Consummatum Est.

Let's keep things rolling...

Dödens Evangelium by Ondskapt
Ondskapt's Doedens Evangelium is an amazingly evil, dissonant piece of work. It easily places Ondskapt among my favorite Orthodox BM bands, along with Watain and Deathspell Omega. Although the album is not particularly fast, it manages to constantly keep your attention which gives me the impression that it's got a lot of 'momentum.' It certainly progresses quickly, anyway, and it doesn't hurt that the vocals are fantastically chilling.

And the last album for today's post on black metal...

Black Cascade by Wolves In The Throne Room

Oh, where to start with this one...Having discovered WITTR only very recently and Black Cascade being the first album I got by them, they've (quite unusually) quickly become one of my favourite black metal bands ever. I honestly cannot recommend this album enough. It's not evil or any of that grim shit, it's just so fucking beautiful. Wolves in the Throne Room's Black Cascade is one of the best modern examples of the raw, emotional power of black metal, and is highly recommended to fans of any of the aforementioned groups, or those who seek the musical equivalent to an acid rainstorm in the middle of a heavily wooded area.

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