Sunday, 31 May 2009

Thurisaz + UNCALM

I'm gonna compress 2 completely different albums into one post. Like it or not, here it comes.

Circadian Rhythm by Thurisaz

Thurisaz are kind of hard to categorize, especially on this album. I guess the most accurate description would be melodic/atmospheric black metal. That pretty much sums it up. The songs on this album are beautiful in their melody and they all have a very melancholic atmosphere which really seals the deal in making this a solid album. The musicianship is also brilliant. Thurisaz are definitely masters at what they do.

The next album is actually a demo by a great powerviolence band from Aberdeen, Scotland called Uncalm. One of their members, Dave, has been in several bands of similar genres, the most notable being Filthpact (their album Plague Carriers of the Crust Apocalypse is fucking great) and actually used to be live in UAE. Anyway, their demo is simply blistering. Czech it.

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