Saturday, 11 September 2010

Craft - Terror Propaganda

More black metal coming your way. Craft are a Swedish BM band (!) formed in '94 and have been kicking ass ever since. I know you're all secretly rolling your eyes at that picture and most BM bands don't really take the whole BM misanthropic mentality very seriously but Craft really do, especially on their Terror Propaganda album. Don't fuck with these guys.

I dig this cd because, and I know I'm gonna sound like an elitist when I say this, it's true black metal. When I say true, I don't mean trve a la posing in the forest and holding spiked bats etc. True in the sense that there's a distinctly punk attitude pervading the entire album. You can also hear it in their music. There's also a crust influence, as well as some doom (some songs give off a very Amebix-ish vibe). So put this on, run around giving the middle finger to everyone, burn a church, whatever. Just listen to this record.

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  1. thanks for this. i know what you're saying about "true" black metal and not the poser shit. there is so much of it out there...


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