Saturday, 19 June 2010

Queen Elephantine - Yatra

Queen Elephantine is a predominantly doom/psychedelic band formed in Hong Kong, which is where I first heard of them and watched them perform, and are now operating out of New York. Their music is incredibly layered and almost trance inducing throughout, consisting of stoner/sludge riffs, parts with classical Indian music (one would've thought that the inclusion of the sitar in psychedelic music was an obvious choice but we don't see that very often, do we?), amazing atmosphere, somewhat creepy spoken word passages and more. You'd think a mix of all this would come across as messy but it isn't in the least. Yatra has 2 songs, both of generous length and very enjoyable. Just play and enjoy.

P.S. I was going to include their split with Sons of Otis (a very good split, btw) but the MF uploader is taking a while so it'll have to wait. Watch this space.

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