Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Punch - S/T LP

The term "female fronted genre X band" has become somewhat of a trend these days, what with the predominantly male metal/hardcore scene suddenly finding itself welcoming bands whose harsh, shouty vocals are being performed by a female. I'm starting to resent that term because in many cases, the fact that the band is female fronted doesn't make even the slightest difference (unless it's clean vocals we're talking about). Case in point: Punch, a straight edge hardcore/powerviolence band from San Francisco (not surprisingly) who also happen to be vegan (fun fact). Their aptly named LP, released in 2009, delivers pretty much everything a hardcore/powerviolence/thrashcore fan looks for (not that there's a very long checklist or anything). It's fast, it's pissed off, it's vegan and the vocalist is just too damn cute. Check these guys out. Oh, did I mention I'm seeing them this summer? =D

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  1. awesome post man. Really digging the new layout.


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