Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Young Vaughn - The New School Cool

Having complained umpteen times about the predominance of hip-hop/rap on the Dubai airwaves, I had never realized their absence from the local scene up until a year or 2 ago. Diligent Thought first opened my eyes to the Dubai hip-hop scene and I was quite impressed, to say the least. The amount of talent in their music seemed to be on an international and professional level and I had never expected that from artists in Dubai. Some time later, I continue to be (pleasantly) surprised. Here's a fellow by the name of Young Vaughn, an extremely talented and eclectic individual with incredible ideas and musical influences, all of which is evident in his music. With a style that reminded me of Lupe Fiasco's at first, it becomes increasingly obvious as the record progresses that YV has an remarkably individual and unique style. The lyrics seem to flow seamlessly and the beats are borderline surreal sometimes ("Sunset", off the top of my head). Here's The New School Cool (the first YV project I've listened to so it seems only right I start y'all off with it as well).

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