Tuesday, 22 December 2009

lou barlow- goodnight unknown

Haven't had much time to peek in here as of late, never mind find new music and chill, what with trying to get my little music project off the ground(writing lyrics is proving to be a bit tougher than I expected, so everything's instrumental until I write something that's less skeptical), playing borderlands with my awesome brother and reading 12 chairs(Ilf/Petrov) and watching it's equally hilarious movie adaptation, and finishing up with my university applications. So I figure that I'm going to increase the frequency of my posts, since I'm not going to be posting much between April-June.

Arguably one of the fore-runners of the indie genre, we really know what to expect from Lou Barlow. More of the same lo-fi sound with dangling guitar tones yet also accentuated with subtle changes like a swirl effect in the title track. As usual, awesome song-writing and awesome lyrics. Perfect for both lo-fi newbie's and bonafide long-time fans.

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