Monday, 16 November 2009

The Limits of Control

Jim Jarmusch has a new film, "The Limits of Control", which features an incredible soundtrack which consists of the likes of Boris, Sunn O))), Earth and LCD Soundsystem. Now if you're one of those people who love that sweet confluence of music and film then you'll love this. I haven't found a download of the OST yet but once I do, I will post it here. Watch this space.


Boris - "Feedbacker I & IV" (from Feedbacker, on Disk Union Records)
Boris -"Fuzzy Reactor" (from Rainbow, on Disk Union Records)

Schubert - "Adagio - String Quintent In C D.956"
Boris - " " aka Smile (from the Japanese version of Smile, on Disk Union Records)
sunn 0)))/Boris - "N.L.T." (From Altar, on Southern Lord)
Bill Doggett - "Moon Dust"
LCD Soundsystem - "Daft Punk Is Playing At My House"
Boris -"Farewell" (From Pink, on Southern Lord)
Manuel El Sevillan0 - "Por CompasiĆ³n: MalagueƱas" (a traditional Flamenco)
Black Angels - "You On The Run"
La Macarena - "Saeta" (an Alan Lomax recording)
sunn 0)))/Boris - "Blood Swamp" (From Altar, on Southern Lord)
Talegon De Cordoba, La Truco and Jorge Rodriguez Padilla - "El Que Tenga Por Grande" (traditional)
Earth - Omens and Portents 1: The Driver (from The Bees Made Honey In The Lions' Skull, on Southern Lord)
Carmen Linares -
"El Que Tenga Por Grande"

Edit: Download


  1. woah, what an interesting soundtrack here.. I remember reading something about this Jim Jarmusch film at one time, but I had no idea it featured so much droney Boris.

  2. Yep. Download link is now up if you're interested.

  3. cheers, I am indeed interested.


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