Monday, 26 December 2011

Umberto + Chelsea Wolfe (double header)


umberto is matt hill. he describes his influences as 80s cop movies and italian horror (myspace) so it's no surprise that From the Grave is bass + synth heavy. i mean it, it's like an early 80s movie soundtrack. someone described it as a soundtrack to a john carpenter film and i find that to be quite fitting. the atmosphere he has created with the slowly pounding drums, the creeping bassline and the synth that seems to cut through it all is excellent. this album is a time-machine that has only one setting: 1982.

yeah, i know the cover looks rather "pitchforky" but this album is incredible. chelsea wolfe: think feist and zola jesus and you're getting closer. Ἀποκάλυψις/Apokalypsis is, to me, a very ritualistic and cathartic album. as the album progresses, wolfe opens up at an increasingly alarming rate but you're captivated, you want to see how it ends. the album starts off with "primal//carnal" and it consists of wolfe growling and snarling. it's a good indication of what is stirring beneath the surface, not to mention a damn good opener. reminds me of the atilla bits in sunn o)))'s album, black one, only less nauseating (i mean nauseating in a good way). anyway, the album is good. get it and listen to it.

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