Sunday, 5 December 2010

Maladie - S/T

Hello. First off, apologies for my disappearance (if any of you actually care). Second...well, there really isn't a second part. I guess I'm just sorry for the lack of posts. Anyway, on to today's feature presentation.

Maladie are a screamo/hardcore punk band from Tijuana, Mexico. They released their self-titled LP back in '09. Don't let them being a screamo act turn you off, they're really not like Atreyu or *insert whiny screamo band here*. I like Maladie because they mix all that raw energy and intensity of hardcore punk with melody and let's face it, we all appreciate a little melody every now and then. The downside here is that the songs are all in Spanish and aside from "Hola!" and "Que pasa?", my Spanish sucks. Hell, it's non-existent. Since I'm a sucker for lyrics (especially with hardcore bands), I couldn't appreciate this band as much as I could've but I still enjoyed the hell out of this record. It's energetic from start to finish and doesn't get boring at all. Highly recommended.

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