Saturday, 31 July 2010

Buzzov•en - Sore

Buzzov•en (not nearly as annoying to google as this guy) are a sludge band from North Carolina who sing about all the usual sludge stuff like hate, depression and struggles of life. They're without a doubt one of my favourite bands in the genre along with Eyehategod & Weedeater but they never seemed to attract the same amount of attention those guys seemed to get. Their album Sore comes at you screaming and thrashing, interspersed with feedback and movie samples. You can really feel where they're coming from when you read the liner notes of the album which shed light on their heroin/crack habits, the several periods of homelessness and their slight insanity. All in all, this is some good shit. Cop it and try to get the cd if you can.

p.s. this is the correct spelling so if you're anal about how your music should be sorted, tag them like "Buzzov•en".

p.p.s. these fuckers are BACK! they're going to be playing 5 dates in the USA so if you're there, check them out! tour poster.

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